‍From this tab you can view your different configurations, and adjust the camera settings. It's also possible to render high quality images of your configuration.

Reset camera: Resets the camera to the default position when there's nothing selected.

Fit camera to selection: Zoom in to the selected items

Fit selection to center: Place the selected items in the center of the viewport without zooming in.

Toggle center visibility: Make the centers of selected items visbible or invisible

Depth of field

Here are all the settings related to the camera view.

Depth of field:
With this switch you can turn the depth of field on or off.

Pick distance: With this button you can set the depth of field with the cursor.

Focal distance: Adjust the focal distance with this slider.

Aperture / blur range:
Adjust the aperture with this slider.

Focal length / Blur fade: Adjust the focal length with this slider.

Export settings

Here you can change the export settings.

File location: Choose the path where you want the images to be saved to.

Resolution: Choose the desired resolution.

Create image: Click this button to take the picture.